Do You Need a Fire Cleanup Company?

When a fire has broken out on your residential property, you may be asking yourself: do I need a fire cleanup company? Especially if the fire appeared to be contained or seemed to be smaller, you may be thinking that the cleanup process is something you can do on your own. You may also be tempted to hire out to a third-party contractor who does not necessarily specialize in fire cleanup. This means you could be leaving yourself in a position where your property is vulnerable to more damage and could be at risk for not getting fixed properly. You want to know that after a fire, whether big or small, you have a team working on it who knows what they are doing and how to clean up your property safely. 

Can soot damage my property? 

You may think that after the fire is finished you are no longer at risk for things harming your property. However, soot leftover from the fire can actually be quite damaging to your property if left unchecked. 

  1. Consider your health. Soot can cause breathing problems if inhaled, so if you continue to work or live in the space then it could be damaging to your health.
  2. Consider your property. If soot is not cleaned up from your property in a timely fashion, you may not realize that it can continue damaging different materials on your property by rotting them. 

When you work with a company, like a residential fire debris cleanup company from an office like Nielsen Environmental, you are getting a team who understands how to properly dispose of hazardous materials, clean up your building and make repairs, and knows which items are worth trying to salvage and which are not. This can help you with tough decisions and it can ensure you and anyone else who is on the property are safe. 

Can I safely sift through debris to try to salvage items? 

It is always best to be as careful as possible when it comes to sifting through any debris. You want to make sure you are wearing proper safety gear and make sure you avoid disturbing debris and ash as much as possible. It is understandable that you want to make sure you can get important items from a fire site, but you should also know the possible risks that come with visiting a site that is damaged in this manner. 

For more information, reach out to a local fire debris cleanup company today.