Washing hands helps thinking

Scientists at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto found that handwashing positive effect on flexible thinking, news agency UPI.

Experts found that intellectual priorities of participants who cleaned their hands with wet towels, faster are shifting in a new direction.

Researchers have focused the attention of participants to a particular purpose or behavioral outcome using puns or review by a process called “coaching.” Then people had or just give their opinion or to use a wet cloth. Using tissues are less influenced by the instructions.

“The use of a wet towel reduce the tendency of people who were briefed on health issues, to comply with health recommendations – they chose a piece of chocolate before dessert with muesli,” said doctoral student in marketing Pin Tung.

Handwashing effectively removes old ideas of the human brain and makes it more susceptible to new ways of thinking. The psychological phenomenon can help people to escape from bad ideas and behavior at the expense of new, healthier habits, the researchers said.

The psychological benefits of cleaning are proven before. Showering after misbehavior can lower feelings of guilt experienced by a person.