How Do I Know If Therapist Isn’t Right For Me?

Making the choice to go to a therapist is a big decision, and is the first step in a person’s mental health journey. However, immediately starting with the ideal therapist does not always happen. You may find that a therapist is not the right match for you during the course of your sessions. This is not an uncommon experience, as it may take several attempts to find a therapist that is a good match for you. Arranging therapy sessions from a Schaumburg, IL online therapist at the Lotus Wellness Center may put you on a path to help you focus your mind and help you accomplish your goals. 

Signs That You May Need to Switch to a New Therapist 

You may meet with a therapist who fails to conduct sessions professionally or is not able to provide you the assistance you need. Be aware of the basic signs to know whether you are better off finding another therapist. If the following statements apply to you, it may be time to switch to a different therapist: 

  • Your therapist struggles to provide you with targeted solutions and guidance
  • Your therapist is frequently late, canceling or rescheduling appointments
  • You feel like you have not experienced significant improvement
  • You do not feel comfortable sharing your thoughts after several sessions
  • Your therapist is often distracted or not actively listening to you 

Patients are not obligated to settle with a specific therapist assigned to them if things are not working out due to one reason or another. If you feel like that your current therapist is not the right match for you, you can request a different one at any time. It is normal if it takes a few or several different therapists to find one that you are completely comfortable with, and is equipped to provide you with the specific guidance you need. You don’t want to delay getting the proper treatment by staying too long with a therapist who is not a good fit. 

Finding the right therapist may take some trial and error. The experience is different for every patient. Therapists have different levels of experience, each with their own various strengths and specialties. Just like with doctors and other types of healthcare professionals, the process of searching for a therapist who is in tune with your needs is not always straightforward. Schedule your first appointment with a therapist now to get started.