Why should I choose a private practice physical therapist?

When you need physical therapy, although it may be convenient to work with a therapist from your physician’s office, these are some advantages of choosing a private practice physical therapist, as a physical therapist, like from AmeriWell Clinics, can explain.

Insurance Coverage

Depending upon your circumstances, you may require many physical therapy sessions to recover completely. Physical therapy sessions can be costly when they accumulate, and a physical therapist selected by your physician may not qualify for coverage under your health insurance.

A Good Match

One of the critical factors that can affect your physical therapy progress is your rapport with your therapist. In addition to trusting your therapist’s ability to guide your healing, it is necessary to feel comfortable openly communicating any problems you may experience. When you and your physical therapist are not a good match, you may feel uncomfortable discussing:

  • Requests to explain exercises
  • Excessive pain during therapy
  • Difficulty scheduling appointments
  • Financial concerns


You will be more likely to engage in physical therapy or complete your treatment plan if you can go to your appointments without worrying about the time it takes to get there and back. A private practice therapist that understands your time constraints can work around them to keep your therapy stress-free, making it more likely that you will attend and reap its benefits.

Quality Assurance

When you choose a private practice, you form a relationship with your physical therapist, who works directly with you. There is no risk of being handed off to an assistant who may not have the necessary expertise to manage your condition. When you work with the same physical therapist during all of your visits, subtle changes in your progress are noticeable and interpreted correctly.


Private practices are more apt to have therapists who specialize in the treatment of specific conditions or injuries. Specialties might include arthritis, sports injuries, or spine conditions. Choosing a physical therapist that focuses on your particular type of problem can ensure that you benefit from the best possible treatment plan.

Personalized Care

Privately owned physical therapy practices have flexibility regarding scheduling, payment, and hours. Their therapists can also provide you with undivided attention because they do not juggle multiple patients simultaneously. This individualized approach eliminates challenges remembering too many patients’ unique circumstances. Private practices physical therapist are more concerned with getting to know you than filling a daily quota. 

Consider a private practice physical therapist who matches your needs and personality to care for you after an injury or surgery and improve your chances for a smooth recovery.