Acupuncture for Bone Spurs

Bone spurs are bony projections that develop along bone edges. Also known as osteophytes, these bony irritations usually form in the joints- where bones meet. Mainly the result of osteoarthritis and other forms of joint damage, bone spurs can occur anywhere bones meet. Primarily affecting the elderly due to their chronicity, pain, and disability from bone spurs depends on their location, size, and degree of associated deformity.

Some bone spurs are relatively insignificant, whereas others create tremendous pain and other issues. Pain and inflammation reduction are the main goals of treatment. Alternative medicine treatments such as acupuncture with massage can help with both of these problems.

Bone spurs in the feet and vertebrae seem to cause the most pain and deformity. Bony outgrowths resulting from inflammation deform the feet causing pain on foot movement, especially walking. Foot tenderness, swelling, and deformity make it hard to walk and exercise. Bone spurs in the feet affect balance and the ability to walk. Many elderly patients with this painful condition suffer from lack of exercise due to this inability to fully use their legs and feet.

Additionally, the postural instability imposed by foot deformity forces many to incline their heads while walking to avoid a fall. This chronic cervical lordosis poses new problems such as neck pain and vertebral degeneration in the upper back. A trained acupuncturist and chiropractor can help combat this problem with acupuncture, massage, and gentle exercise.

 Bone spurs in the spine can put pressure on nerves emanating from the spinal cord, creating local pain in the spine itself and even problems at distant locations where those nerves travel. Bone spurs in the backbones areas can have significant health implications, including postural distortion, back pain, shoulder and hand pain, hip and leg, and foot pain. Massage is soothing, and meridian therapy works to improve blood flow to irritated tissues, reducing inflammation naturally.

Licensed Acupuncturists are well-trained healthcare professionals who recognize the importance of treating pain and inflammation caused by bone spurs. Complimentary medicine practitioners, they will not prescribe drugs or other medications but rather depend on naturally effective remedies with fewer side effects. Acupuncturists use Chinese medicine diagnosis techniques to determine where the imbalance lies in the flow of meridian energy. They use acupuncture techniques to restore this energy flow, thus healing on many levels with treatment.

For instance, both the feet and vertebral column connect with the water channel in Chinese medicine. The water channel travels from the feet to the ears on the front and back of the body. An acupuncturist will assess the quality of patient qi flow in this critical water channel and make specific adjustments using acupuncture and massage. Treatment supports lasting pain relief and lowered inflammation naturally.

Your acupuncturist will provide helpful suggestions related to lifestyle to promote healthy conditions to keep your body healthy on many levels.