Chiropractic Care Helps the Whole Body Feel Better

Chiropractic physicians strive to improve full-body health using the chiropractic adjustment. They do this by empowering the body to heal itself more fully, removing impediments to the body’s own innate healing energies. Sometimes referred to as innate, qi, ki, prana, or source energy, the inherent lifeforce that exists and energizes each of us to get up each day is the same energy that repairs wounds and calms us when we need to sleep. In a chaotic world, our internal healing energies can get out of whack, and small imbalances magnify to pull us into disarray. Chiropractic care strives first to rebalance the forces that drain our energy with hurt and pain and to re-establish communication within.

The spine is a fantastic structure. It houses and protects the spinal cord, allowing nerves to exit vertebral foramen as they travel to distant organs and tissues. Blockages in nerve transmission occur when kinks develop in the transmission system. Sources of energy disturbance include spinal misalignment from an injury or posture imbalance, overuse of a body part, muscle and ligament hyper- or hypotonicity, or spinal degeneration from another source. Nutrition plays a role, as well- not eating enough supportive foods or overeating or poor nutrient foods can injure the pathway to healing, as well.  Chiropractors support innate healing by restoring vertebral alignment and the ability of the brain and body parts to communicate fully.

During a chiropractic spinal exam, your chiropractor will evaluate posture to see where spinal misalignment and other physical deformities contribute to health problems. Using a series of orthopedic and neurological tests, she will assess nerve function and muscle ligament balance.  Your chiropractor will then palpate the spine and connected areas to feel for regions of pain, tenderness, tightness, and other factors indicative of nerve impingement.

Shoulder to hand problems frequently indicates problems in the upper, cervical part of the spine, whereas inflammation and pain in the hips, knees, or feet point to damaging issues in the lower back and lumbar spine. Organs and other muscles which derive their nerve energy from nerves arising in these vital areas may show the effects of lack of normal nerve flow, as well. For example, problems in the neck can affect the diaphragm, mid-back inflammation influences the lungs and affects breathing, and lumbar spine subluxation can cause incontinence and bladder problems. By healing the spine, chiropractors can heal on many other levels.

Your body has within itself the means to health. Get a regular chiropractic exam and treatment to support your health from within from a chiropractor. For more information or to schedule a natural healthcare appointment, contact a clinic today.