Chiropractic Safe for Older People?

People of advanced years have concerns regarding the usage of physical modalities such as chiropractic and massage. They might be worried that the chiropractic adjustment will hurt them and cause more damage, or that it will be a waste of time and resources. Nothing could be further than the truth, however. Chiropractors are well trained and licensed bodywork professionals who understand how to work with persons of all ages and spinal conditions. Spinal joint mobilization performed at the hands of a chiropractor is very safe and helpful for a variety of ailments that plague seniors.

Many studies have demonstrated the safety of the chiropractic adjustment, and yet worries persist about this effective medical treatment. Some of this worry is perpetuated by the news and medical community itself, which dramatizes the issue of bone-cracking where no problem exists. Many older patients have not availed themselves of hands-on healthcare such as massage, chiropractic, or physical therapy in the past. Physical diagnostics and treatments may seem a bit daunting because so much of medicine is machine and technology-driven these days. Nonetheless, the science and philosophy of chiropractic alternative medicine is prevalent and safe and has helped millions of people the world over to achieve better health, naturally. Although chiropractors may not rely as much on technology to diagnose, they are experts in manual exam and treatment and the care they provide is gentle and effective. .  

Back or neck pain frequently indicate spinal irritation. When combined with other conditions such as headache, shoulder, or hip pain, the chiropractic adjustment is quite beneficial. Many seniors suffer from back pain, shoulder aches or hip arthralgias. Chiropractors provide safe and helpful spinal adjustments that are targeted to address irritations on a variety of levels.

  Doctors of Chiropractic perform the spinal mobilization in one in several different ways depending on patient. One of the more widely recognized methods involves hand placement on the spine, followed by a quick thrust to move the vertebra in a desired position or direction. One may hear a noise following such a procedure which relates to a release of energy. Another type of vertebral adjustment method involves a relatively small handheld Activator or Impulse Activator to apply the quick thrust. This technique is a favorite among many patients because it is very measured and specific, and virtually no noise occurs. Additionally, there is virtually body twisting involved, which reduces patient concerns and increases compliance. 

Additionally, a chiropractor may utilize another low-force method called Sacro-Occipital Technique or SOT. This method involves the placement of blocks under the patient to assist in vertebral repositioning. These treatment methods are safe for persons of all ages. 

Chiropractic physicians use hands-on palpatory methods to evaluate each patient’s spine and can take X-rays as well. These diagnostic methods, used in conjunction with a well-ordered history, help alternative medicine professionals understand the condition of the spine before offering treatment advice. Additionally, they inquire about or even order lab-work and other diagnostic procedures. Patients must inform the chiropractor about any medications they are using, as well. In many situations, the chiropractic physician can request medical records be submitted electronically to their office or visit the patient portal to facilitate medical information transfer.

Chiropractors are uniquely positioned in the healing world to offer safe, gentle, and effective spinal care.  The work they do does not involve drugs or surgery or their concomitant side-effects. If you or a loved one requires spinal care for back, neck or other musculoskeletal pain, call a chiropractor or back pain doctor NC today.