Graston Technique in the Chiropractor World

Graston Technique in the Chiropractor World

Graston technique is a type of manual treatment used in chiropractic care. It was invented by David Graston, an athlete who suffered from a knee injury during a water skiing trip from which he was unable to recover fully. Depressed about this sustained injury, Graston started thinking about the ways he could enhance the style of massage therapy to use for his recovery in light of the tools that are usually used.

Graston, upon further pondering, decided that he needed to design a new set of tools to support cross-friction massages in the treatment of soft tissues. This is how the Graston technique came into being. It essentially became an instrument-based treatment that deals with the mobilization of soft tissues.

How it works

The Graston Technique is used to break up any scar tissue adhesions, fascial restrictions or even to detect any areas that may be suffering from chronic inflammation or fibrosis. It is done through a set of six stainless steel tools that a Graston technician may use to conduct a certain procedure. Different parts of the body require a different tool in breaking up adhesions in order to begin the healing process.

Whether it is a road accident, a sports injury, strained muscle, painful ligament, or an overused area of the body that inhibits movement, most of these injuries result in the formation of a cluster of scar tissues. In order to treat the injuries, a Graston technician would create very small tears within the soft tissues located under the skin using metal implements and rubbing the skin back and forth.

Such tears relieve the fascial adhesions along with the membrane surrounding the muscles by supporting the flow of renewed blood as well as nerve networks within the affected area of the tissues. Hence, it reduces pain or any tension and restores the motion of the muscles. For instance, if an athlete has an injury that inhibits the movement of his arm, the Graston technique can create pressure within the tights muscles to make it relaxed, enabling it to move with a larger range of extensions in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of the Technique

The Graston technique can treat a number of health conditions including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, cervical strain or sprain, lumbar sprain, Achilles tendinosis, rotator cuff tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis as well as pain in the neck, wrist, shoulder, ankle, lower back etc. The treatment altogether shows instant results through improved range of motion and reduced inflammation. The procedure also speeds up the healing process, fostering faster recovery and rehabilitation. Besides that, the renewed blood flow and nerve growth reverses all chronic conditions and enables the body to repair itself.

The only drawback of this treatment is that the patient would have to undergo some discomfort along with redness and bruising on the area owing to the rubbing method that the technician uses while the metal is passing back and forth. But the technician usually uses a gel to lubricate the area for better mobility. Besides, mild pain is a small price to pay for the fastest recovery.

To conclude, the Graston technique is a widely used chiropractic procedure that has been known to help several patients, including severely injured athletes from chronic injuries. So, if you have any sprain, strain or pain that you want to quickly recover from, you should definitely give this treatment a shot at a chiropractic in Mesa, AZ!

Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and Graston Technique.