What Couples Counseling Has to Offer

Whether a couple is married, living together, or living separately, couples counseling can be invaluable for their relationship. Even those who consider their partnership to be in excellent health will often seek occasional couples counseling for periodic “tune-ups” to help keep their relationship strong. The coping tools and communication methods that can be learned during couples counseling can be used throughout the relationship. There are almost a limitless number of reasons for why two people may undergo couples counseling, but here are a few of the more common ones:

  • Sexual dysfunction on the part of one or both partners
  • Overcoming an affair had by one or both partners
  • Disagreement over whether or not to have children soon
  • Problematic communication between the two partners
  • Third-party disruptions in the relationship such as from a parent-in-law, children, step-children, or ex-spouses

Choosing a Couples Counselor

Clinics tend to include several licensed therapists, several of whom specialize in a particular area such as couples counseling. Just as every client is different, so too is every therapist. This includes their clinical approach as well as communication style. It’s encouraged that clients change their couples counselor if either or both partners are uncomfortable with a particular therapist for whatever reason. Also, if either or both partners wishes to engage in individual therapy, group therapy, and/or couples therapy, we encourage this as well. The goal is to arrive at a place of emotional healing, and we make every effort to help our clients achieve this.

Couples counseling therapists received their degrees from accredited learning institutions and are licensed in the state that they work in. If you and your partner believe couples counseling is the next step then you should contact a clinic like Lotus Wellness Center and schedule your first appointment for couples counseling Palatine IL, so that you and your partner can discuss what you hope to achieve through therapy and to get started on that path. 

The number of counseling sessions that may be required to reach your goals will depend greatly on the nature of your concerns and the willingness of each partner to work through those issues. It may only take a few sessions, or it may be an ongoing process. You may gain a clearer picture after your initial sessions. Initially, it may be a matter of identifying and communicating the feelings that the both of you have been reluctant to air directly with one another. Very often, in the safe and neutral environment of a counseling office, with a professional third-party present, it may be easier to talk about what has been bothering you.

Preparing for the First Couples Counseling Session

Before your first session, it may be helpful to ask the couples counselor how you should prepare for it. The suggestions offered to you may include writing down the primary issues that the two of you together, and as individuals, wish to address in counseling sessions. However, no preparation will be required, and none may be necessary.