Enjoy the Fall: The Best Exercise Tips After your SmartLipo Procedure

Enjoy the Fall: The Best Exercise Tips After your SmartLipo Procedure

Many people think about a SmartLipo procedure in spring and summer when bathing suits and beaches are on their minds. If you had a SmartLipo procedure this season, we want to encourage you not to put SmartLipo in the back of your mind as fall sweaters and winter boots come out!

It’s important to continue proper SmartLipo recovery into the fall. If you’re still recuperating, we have some great exercise tips that will have you bouncing back in no time!

The Power of Walking After Your SmartLipo Procedure
It’s not a secret that walking offers many benefits to your body. It’s a natural movement that encourages stamina, circulation, and fat loss. What’s also great about walking is that it is low-impact by nature.

After your SmartLipo procedure, you may notice bruising, swelling, and even a little tenderness. With that said, walking is one of the best exercises you can do post-procedure. It’s a lightweight exercise that will gradually improve your range of mobility and get you fit in little to no time. Plus, with the variety of walking trails available, walking is an easy way to get a great workout after your procedure.

Swimming After Your SmartLipo Procedure
Although swimming is usually known as a summer pastime, it’s also a great exercise for the fall. Don’t shy away from this great way to get back in shape after your SmartLipo procedure. Like walking, swimming is a low-impact exercise. It provides a full upper and lower body workout and because the water supports a majority of your body weight, this exercise is relatively easy on your joints. Try contacting local fitness centers in your area to find a pool near you.

Release Your Inner Yogi
Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years. With its focus on flexibility, relaxation, and even strength, it’s one of the most comprehensive exercises you can do after your SmartLipo procedure. By stretching the muscles, you help lengthen and heal them faster. The relaxation component to yoga eases any tension, pain, or stress that might accompany your recovery, and many yoga poses focus on strength. Strength is crucial to rebuilding any lost muscle mass that has occurred during recuperation, so try to practice your yoga poses at least once a week. 

Even though recovering from a SmartLipo procedure is relatively easy, it never hurts to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. By utilizing the benefits of low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming and yoga, it is possible to maintain an exercise program following your SmartLipo.