How Pro-Lifters Can Prevent Back Pain During Strong Man Competitions

The most prominent Strongman champion today is Hafthor Bjornsson, a familiar face from the critically acclaimed TV show “Game of Thrones”, who plays the role of Mountain! The deadlift, Atlas Stone, and, in some competitions, lifting a car – these are some of the most extreme challenges pro-lifters like Bjornsson compete with for ultimate glory. There are so many great moments in the competition such as ones from the Arnold Strongman Classic, where athletes who have been training for many years excel in their passion. 

However, there are significant boundaries and tips to consider when lifting. When these are implemented correctly, you will be able to prevent any serious injuries such as spasms, muscle snaps, a tendon problem, and simply have a healthy outcome from it all. 

An Overlooked Method of Deadlifting 

Back pain is a serious problem among strongmen professionals, and it is usually derived from doing a deadlift or a squat the incorrect way. We all become inspired by various videos around the internet of individuals possessing vast power. But there is also something to learn from the videos that show professionals slipping.

There are many athletes seeking help from chiropractors for their horrific injuries. Be it a muscle tear, shoulder adjustment, or spinal accident, they all can be linked back to how the exercise was executed. So, the next time you want to lift a 500lb barbell, try to place your hands differently, one palm facing the body while the other is on the opposite, facing the judges. By doing this method, you are allowing your body to have a stronger grip on the handle of the barbell, and a more precise lifting experience to happen. Using straps is a good safety protocol as well. 

Maintain Good Composure with The Atlas Stone

If your wish is to inhibit a career-shattering injury, or worse, a life-threatening back injury, then diligent observation is advisable towards former champions who completed the Atlas stone challenge. 

The correct procedure is to place the stone between the feet and close to your center of gravity. Then, you should proceed to pick it up from the ground using a method similar to the Romanian deadlift. As you do this technique, the movement will allow an even distribution of the weight of the stone across your feet, and better placement of the hips, legs and back in the most efficient way possible.

To conclude, the more emphasis you put on proper implementation of weight lifting, the better. A good healthy diet is vital before a tournament. So, lower your carbs intake and consult with your local nutritionist for added benefits. Everyone decides to go with their gut when trying to develop core strength and advance through the rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

If you are going to visit your chiropractor in Mesa, AZ, the best option is to learn from all the injuries. Instead of aiming for gold in a rush, it is best to achieve the treasure with a healthy spirit and body! 

Thanks to Lifecare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and back pain prevention for weight lifters.