Neck Conditions That Require Surgery and Those That Don’t

At some point in life, many people deal with neck pain. Minor issues and occasional bouts of this discomfort may not warrant much attention. However, if you are having difficulty moving your head or going about your daily business, you may need to visit with a chiropractor. If your condition does not improve, further intervention may be necessary. It’s helpful to understand more about serious neck problems and when an operation may be the right decision to relieve your pain and soreness.

Neck Fracture

This is one of the most critical conditions you could face in this part of your body. Ordinarily, a cervical fracture would occur due to an injury or accident. A car collision, bike crash, high fall or sports injury are likely culprits. To repair this damage, treatment and therapy will not likely be enough. Not only can surgery correct the fracture, but it can relieve the intense pain this issue would cause.

Pinched Spinal Nerve

This condition, known as radiculopathy, develops after the spine has suffered wear and tear or because of an injury. Over time, bones and cartilage in the neck may move or change. This can put pressure on the nerves, causing them to become inflamed. Symptoms of this condition include numbness and tingling and in the neck and back. These sensations, along with severe pain, can radiate down the body into the legs and feet. Chiropractors can help relieve pain from these pinched nerves. However, it may be most effective for you to have surgery, as this process can repair the damage.

Compressed Spinal Cord

Strain on the neck can compress the spinal cord, resulting in agonizing pain. If you have this condition, you may lose feeling in your neck or back. Other diseases may play a role in developing these ailments. These include osteoarthritis and scoliosis.

When You May Not Need Surgery

An operation is not always the right option to reduce your neck pain. In some situations, the chiropractor can adjust your spine, leading to improved mobility and less pain in your neck and back. Some of these conditions include bone spurs, herniated discs and displaced discs. It’s always best to visit with your chiropractor and see what type of intervention makes the most sense for your needs. If you can avoid surgery, other options can help you win back your health.

Consider these different causes of neck pain and how you can overcome the symptoms. In some situations, surgery may be your only option.  Call a back pain specialist, like Back Pain Doctor today.