Spring Allergies & Seniors

They say that April flowers bring May showers; yet they tend to omit that all these flowers bring an onset of pollen. It’s true: with the onset of Spring comes something slightly less bright: allergy season. Although a large percentile of people suffer allergies during this change in temperature, no one is more affected than senior citizens. 

Seniors and Rhinitis (AKA Hay Fever)

According to a 2017 study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of health, nearly 12% of older adults are allergic to rhinitis. Also known as ‘hay fever’, rhinitis is that pesky form of inflammation that tends to occur whenever allergens permeate the surroundings. You know it’s rhinitis when you feel your nose stuffed-up, when your eyes begin to feel itchy, or when your sinuses become instantly agitated. 

This hay fever may be a common annoyance for some, but it can bode ill to the elder generation. As the human body ages, it tends to exhibit a weakened immune system. Thus, those smaller annoyances can grow into larger health issues. A clogged sinus is one thing, whereas an infected sinus is quite another!

Managing Spring Allergies & Seniors

Thus, if you have an aging loved one, it’s imperative that you take care of them this spring – home care nursing may be a good option. The best way to do so is to know the signs of an allergic reaction and to act quickly. If you notice your loved one has had an onslaught of congestion, itchy/bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, or sneezing, it’s time to visit the doctor! 

Visiting a practitioner or utilizing a home health aide are both great ways to combat seasonal allergies. They will be able to administer any necessary allergy medication and help make the spring season a bit more manageable!

Remember to Wash Hands

Allergies can only occur if they are being circulated through a conduit, and one of the main conduits are our own hands! Thus, to stop hay fever in its tracks, you should make certain that your loved one is washing their hands regularly – especially when they go outside!

Thoroughly Clean Smart Devices

Another overlooked carrier of hay fever are smartphones and digital devices. In this modern age, it seems we spend more time touching our phone than doing anything else. All of that skin contact during the spring season can become dangerous when placed close to ears, eyes, and sinuses. So, as the spring season starts, make sure to have all smart devices wiped down regularly!