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Why Is Legal Representation Important In Custody Battles?

We all have heard of the terrors of custody battles and the stress that comes with them. Going through a divorce with children has an emotional toll on everyone involved and can lead to emotions being at an all time high. We also understand the daily challenges of being a parent on any regular day but to go through a divorce and a custody battle is troubling even for your kids. Which is why it is vital to get experienced and proper representation for yours and your children’s best interests. 

Legal representation can save you from future complications that may arise in the future according to a child visitation lawyer with our friends at the Brandy Austin Law Firm. We know some divorces are amicable and do not necessarily end on bad terms and when it comes to deciding child custody both parties may decide to reach an agreement without representation but many times individuals agree to terms they do bit fully comprehend or the situation may change in the future resulting in a bitter turn, which is why the best thing you can do for your children and yourself is to hire representation from the beginning to avoid any further complications. 

Understanding When To Hire A Lawyer:

The simple answer is to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. There are special circumstances where a lawyer is the best option for everyone involved. Wanting to come to an amicable settlement and having everyone cooperate is the dream goal. But it is also important to be realistic and understand that in some situations one party might not be willing to cooperate or reach any agreement. 

In situations such as safety issues, this can include any indication or threat of physical harm to you or your children but can also include if you and/or your children have gone through emotional abuse in the past as well. When looking at situations such as those it is critical to also understand in cases of neglect that is also considered harm being done to your child. Looking at cases of neglect we know when young children are not looked after properly the consequences of negligence can have many negative effects on them and their development. In these situations, a lawyer can be beneficial because they will be able to get you a restraining order or an order of protection!

Another situation where hiring a lawyer is needed when the custody of a child is dealing with the child having a disability. Children with disabilities or special needs can require extensive or specialized care and most times require treatment or extra attention even after they turn 18. Understanding that a lawyer will help advocate for your child’s needs and also help you minimize the potential emotional distress they could experience. 

Lawyers are not only experienced in dealing with custody cases that have to deal with more compassion due to the child’s needs but also when dealing with cases that cross state lines. It is a common occurance one party after the divorce might decide to move to a different state and want to take the child with them. But hiring legal counsel can help come to an agreement that best serves your needs and your childs when deciding on visitation and helps with uncomplicated matters. 

Getting representation is extremely important and needed in all custody negotiations/battles. Your lawyer is going to do their best to help get to an agreement that satisfies you and protects your child from any emotional harm that can occur in these troubling times. Lawyers are not only needed to get your end result but also in protecting your parental rights by making sure your wants are heard and taken into consideration. The legal counsel you hire will help you explore and decide which type of child custody agreement best serves your situation and protects your child as well. They will also work with you and try to prevent any delays and work within the legal deadlines to minimize the amount of time it takes to come to an agreement. Contact an attorney near you today for help.