4 Sounds Your Body Might Make During Chiropractic Adjustment

If you suffer from back or neck pain, a chiropractic adjustment may help relieve the symptoms. Whether the problem was caused by an injury or because you suffer from genetic spinal issues, this type of treatment could be an effective addition to your medical plan. During your first session, your body might make certain noises that may be surprising, but knowing what they are and what might cause them can give you peace of mind during future treatments.

1. Cracking 

During chiropractic treatment, a chiropractor manipulates your spine and neck, fluids and pockets of air between your joints get shifted, and in some cases, the air bubbles are released or eliminated. When this happens, you may hear a cracking noise. While the sound can be alarming, it is usually harmless and you may feel that you have a better range of motion afterward.

2. Popping 

When a chiropractor stretches your spine, he or she uses specific movements that are meant to relieve tension or other issues that cause pain or limited mobility. You may hear popping in your neck joints as these actions are performed. Some of the popping may be quite audible and if it alarms you, your chiropractor may explain its source to set your mind at ease.

3. Snapping 

Some chiropractic treatments cause gases inside your joints to release all at once, and you may hear a snapping that has a bubbly quality to it. The release of these gases is often part of the treatment, as it is said to help bring the joints back into proper alignment and provide you with pain relief. You may want to keep in mind that it could take several sessions and more than one or two popping sounds before you feel the changes.

4. Other Sounds 

The goals of your chiropractor are likely to include relieving pain, increasing your ability to move more freely and resolving joint pain. The misalignment of the body’s joints, known as subluxation, may be the ultimate cause of the issues you feel. When the adjustments are performed, your joints may make a variety of sounds as they are eased back into place by your chiropractor. If there are any that give you serious cause for concern, it can be important to speak up and ask questions so you can continue your treatments without being fearful.

Chiropractic care can relieve back and neck pain, and while the sounds you hear may be alarming, they are usually common. Reach out to a Chiropractor, like the chiropractors at Mid-atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic to make an appointment or for further assistance.