Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

Chiropractic is a healthcare specialty involved with assessing, diagnosing, and treating problems with the musculoskeletal system. The ultimate goal of chiropractic care is to reduce pain and restore optimal functional independence to each patient. To achieve this goal, a chiropractic wellness practitioner uses physical and manual modalities such as spinal manipulation, exercise and postural restoration protocols, heat and cold therapies, electrical stimulation, ultrasound devices, and massage therapies. Many of these are applied in conjunction with chiropractic spinal adjustment. 

Chiropractors are licensed healthcare professionals with an advanced degree in chiropractic medicine. Chiropractors manage every phase of a patient’s health restoration plan, including evaluation, diagnosis, management, and preventative maintenance, so that the patient’s issues don’t return.  Each plan is customized to the individual’s needs. 

What do chiropractors do?

In general, the main goal of chiropractic treatment is to reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation that are contributing to your condition and return you to full function. Chiropractors strive to increase your flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. Then, they recommend protocols to increase your strength and endurance, if your condition allows. 

Chiropractors aim to improve your ability to do everyday tasks and activities, so you can maintain an active lifestyle. Your doctor of chiropractic can oversee your reaction to treatment, and adjust your treatment as needed. This ongoing assessment and adjustment means that your chiropractic care professional can keep you functioning well and prevent your musculoskeletal problems from returning.

Who do chiropractors care for?

Chiropractors care for people who make up a cross-section of society. Individuals of all ages may benefit from chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors have reported success with people ranging from babies to the elderly. People from many occupations and walks of life come to chiropractors for help. Interestingly, the advent of computer work and other factors in the office environment have contributed to a rise in musculoskeletal problems for many kinds of workers and home users.

Can chiropractors help after an auto accident?

Chiropractors help many people who have sustained injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Often, the impact of a vehicle crash causes the musculoskeletal system to be impaired, and once a chiropractor restores alignment to the spine, the body can start to heal. Whether you’re pursuing a personal injury claim or just want to make sure your body is okay, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a chiropractor in your local area who treats individuals with automobile accident injuries.

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it can lead to; headaches, dizziness, numbness, stiffness, memory problems, neck pain, back pain, and more that may continue for months. If you don’t see a chiropractor to treat the underlying condition, the damage can begin to affect your health dramatically and may even turn into a chronic condition that can impair your quality of life. That’s what makes finding the appropriate medical professionals so necessary after an auto collision. Many auto accident victims find that chiropractic care provides fast and long-lasting results following a car crash.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact a chiropractic care professional or auto accident doctor in Baltimore, MD.

Thanks to Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and car accidents.